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ATSC Internship Program

ATSC Internship program is designed to fill a void in the beauty industry for both soon to be Licensed Aestheticians, Make Up Artist and their potential employers. Many aspiring professionals beginning to embark on a career in the beauty industry are finding themselves unprepared for a successful career. Their short six to eight months of schooling does not equip them with the soft skills to complement the hard skills which are the occupational requirements they have learned in preparing for their license. Mitti A. Davis CEO and Founder of ATSC Aesthetics and Arabella’s Total Skin Care Med Spa is answering the call, sharing over 20+ years of knowledge and expertise as a Trainer, Educator and Industry Leader. She has an insider’s perspective to help advance emerging professionals into launching their own professional journeys.

Program Description

The ATSC Aesthetics Internship will provide you with real word experiences. It will help build your Sales and Service skills, Increase your business knowledge necessary for a successful career as a beauty professional. In this twelve-week, commission-based internship program, participants will receive expert training in the areas of;

  • Career Planning and Goal Setting

  • Business Development

  • Personal and Business Branding (Business Cards, Logo, Web page Coaching)

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Client Retention

  • Industry Practices

  • Networking and Building Business Relationships

  • Advanced Treatments and Techniques

Students will gain personal and professional insight, determine areas of focus and interest as well as practical experience in a professional setting. Participants will create a portfolio, including branding material (business cards, logo and website consulting) a network of contacts and build clientele through business building, networking and treating clients at Arabella’s Total Skin Care Med Spa.


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